Perfect Property Management is a premium, utility service – a personal valet that simplifies life for property owners by doing their work for them. Perfect Property Management takes care of the less glamorous parts of property ownership. The small things that sometimes take away weeks from your life. Like when you are vacationing in the Bahamas, your tenant calls to complain that their hot water is not hot enough or the developer makes you fly three times a year to give you an update about something that nobody cares about.

By availing the services of Perfect Property Management, it’s as good as you are here, except that you’re not. No more flying back and forth, no more calls at ungodly hours. All you have to do is avail the premium services of Perfect Property Management and carry on with your life, uninterrupted.

Why choose us?


No more shuttling back and fourth to the developer’s office or to your unit (after handover)to solve the problems of your tenants.


Breeze through handover without days and weeks spent in the developer’s office. Needless to say, the hours spent getting utilities sorted out.


No more calls that disturb you at night or while you are in the middle of an important discussion. Best return on investment by leaving it to the professionals.


You receive instant notification on all transactions carried out with reference to your property.

How much does it cost to come on board?

AED 5000/- P.A. or 5% of the annual rent / unit, whichever is higher.