In a market place such as Dubai, where most investors are from abroad, we identified the need for a good property management company with sound fundamentals and a long term outlook, we came up with “Perfect”.

I am thoroughly impressed with the progress we have made in slowly but steadily gathering a motley bunch of “perfectionists” as operators to run the machinery of this enterprise. Young, energetic and prompt to tackle problems.

Our portfolio now includes 52 units and by the end of this year we forecast another hundred units to be added. We are well poised to answer this demand and our infrastructure is set in place to do the same.

The UAE real estate market has re-surged and it is with a deep sense of gratitude that I thank our investors who embarked on this journey with us. In line with operational requirements, quarterly inspections have been carried out on time and I have personally been present for these inspections. Reports have been dispatched and now we have got a healthy pool of happy investors.

It has been a good year and we look forward to an even better year ahead. The co-ordinates have been set and the forecast is of smooth sailing. We look forward to having you on board!

Warm regards,

T.S Sunder
Managing Director